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Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

Asia-Pacific to Drive Global GPS Handset Sales to 2013

The rapidly growing GPS market has been fueling the growth of the GPS-enabled handset market worldwide. Chipset manufacturers are equipped with solutions that enable the integration of GPS in handsets at low cost and provide significant improvements in terms of accuracy, time-to-first-fix, and reception in indoor environment. According to our latest research report, “World GPS Market Forecast to 2013”, sales of GPS-enabled mobile phones are forecast to grow at a CAGR of more than 20% during 2009-2013.

Although the world will see a single digit growth in GPS-enabled mobile phone sales during 2009, we foresee full recovery starting from 2010 onwards. In order to gain better insight of the market, we have done extensive research to identify the current and future GPS market trends on the regional level. Analysis has been done on the major geographic markets such as the Americas, Europe and Asian-Pacific countries. Our report identifies that among all the regions, the future growth in GPS-enabled mobile phone market will be driven by the APAC region. The research also highlights the reasons that will make APAC a dominant player in the GPS-enabled handsets shipment by 2013.

Moving ahead, our research also classifies the countries which will drive growth in the region’s GPS-enabled mobile phone market. For instance, the research anticipates the GPS-enabled handset market in China to grow at a whopping rate, well above the industry standard. The factors which will drive the future market growth have been thoroughly analyzed in the report and the numbers for the future market have been estimated.

We have tried to offer a comprehensive review of the global GPS market through this report. Thorough evaluation of the current industry trends and developments vital for the success of the overall GPS market has been done. Besides this, the report also analyzes the end-user applications, including In-vehicle Navigation, Survey/Mapping, Machine Control and others. It also covers opportunities that remain untapped for various vertical segments in the market, such as new advanced access devices, chipset availability and PND market.
by: Shushmul Maheshwari

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